The Qualities of a Great Real Estate Agent

When people think about real estate agents, they often think about people who are great at sales. While being a good salesperson is definitely a huge part of working as a real estate agent, it’s not the only great quality that someone in this profession ought to have. Indeed, there are myriad qualities and characteristics that make up a great real estate agent. Whether you want to know what to look for in your next real estate agent or are considering enrolling in the real estate school of Nevada, here are some of those qualities for you to keep in mind.


A shy person could theoretically try to make a career out of real estate, but it would certainly be an uphill battle. That’s because a real estate agent is personable above all else. Not only does a real estate agent need to be kind and welcoming to potential buyers, but he or she needs to be likable to potential sellers when trying to find new business contacts. If you’re an extrovert, you’d probably make a great real estate agent.

Tech Savvy

A huge portion of today’s real estate business happens online. Indeed, digital marketing and social media have really changed the entire industry. Today’s buyers rely almost exclusively on online databases and social media to find potential properties and homes to buy. A real estate agent must be very tech savvy for this very reason.


Working as a real estate agent isn’t like a traditional office job where you sit at a desk and do the same thing day after day. Instead, no two days are exactly alike in the life of a real estate agent. While a real estate agent might have a boss of sorts, they will mostly be expected to work independently. This means that a good real estate agent is incredibly organized and great at setting his or her own schedule. This isn’t the right job for someone who constantly needs to be managed and directed.

Passionate About Homes

A good real estate agent should really love everything about homes and design. This passion is important when it comes time to stage a home or direct a seller on what design changes they should make to speed up the sale.

These are the basic qualities that all real estate agents ought to have. If you recognize a lot of these qualities in yourself, then you’d probably make a fantastic real estate agent.