The evolution of the Nashville automotive locksmith service industry

We have all seen the old black and white videos of automotive manufacturers showing off the internal workings of the ignition and door locks that they have developed for their vehicles. From the simple single tumbler locks that the cars of the 1940’s offered to the technologically advanced locks of the 2020 prototype vehicles locks all have served the same purpose – to secure the vehicle from theft and break-in’s.

For year automotive locks were much the same. Until…

For over 75 years automotive locks remained the same basic style of lock. And then something wonderful happened; the evolution of the transponder key has turned every vehicle into a smart device (a smart device that can transport passengers at 110+ miles an hour).

RFID chips to open car doors? What the!?

Imagine the future of automotive locks. What will be next? Many people suggest that everyone will be fitted with an RFID chip that will be inserted under the skin of the hand. This chip will have all identifying information on it. This RFID chip can even be used to open your car doors and to also start the vehicle to. In the future all that you will have to do is walk up to your vehicle and it will open up the doors, say hello and start the vehicle for you. Now that is super high tech for you!

RFID chips implanted under the skin of your hand may sound a little extreme but it really is not when you really think about it. The inserting of the RFID chip under the skin is no less painful that any other medical shot where they stick a needle into you. The benefits of RFID chips out weigh the consequences. I mean you will be able to command your Porsche with the wave of your wrist. That is awesome technology!

The Nashville automotive locksmith industry is changing and so is the world!

But where will this leave the Nashville automotive locksmith? It is really hard to say at this point. One thing is for sure is that the world needs locksmiths for the coming future and the profession is in high demand. Where there are car keys there are always people losing car keys and needing them to be replaced. The job of the car locksmith will drive right on into the 2020’s for sure!

Will you be around to see the future of the Nashville automotive locksmith industry?

What will this century see in the Nashville automotive locksmith industry? Well, they may not be called cars any longer because people might not even use cars to get around. They will drive flying vehicles that are automated and preprogrammed to their destination. The computer will do all of the work while the occupants of the vehicle will relax enjoy the ride and soak up the sights of the journey along the way.

The technologically advanced Nashville automotive locksmith industry is a fascinating market sector to watch. With all of its gadgets, gizmos and electronics the future is bright for car locksmith services.