Patios Verses Decks – Which is Better?

If you are planning on making upgrades to your home this year, you may want to consider the addition of an outdoor living area. Outdoor living spaces allow you and your loved ones to enjoy nice weather and become immersed in nature. A patio or deck is sometimes referred to as an extension of your home because it allows you to take advantage of the entire property space that you own. Added living space is an advantage when it comes to resale and the value that is added through an outdoor living installation will produce a positive ROI.

When thinking of outdoor living spaces, popular options are decks and patios. Some people are unaware of the differences between these two popular outdoor living options. There are many different types of decks and patios that can be customized to your liking. It’s important to realize that each property has different needs in regard to which outdoor living option would be the best choice. Although there may not be a clear option for every project between the choice of decks verses patios, there are general comparisons that can be made to help you decide.

Patios Verses Decks Comparison

Generally, decks cost more to install upfront than patios do. Decks are made from different types of wood, which tends to rot and discolor easily. Patios are typically made from natural stone, concrete, or brick, which are not able to rot and need little repairs to be made overtime. Wood used to form decks may need sealer and waterproofing every couple of years to prevent rotting.

 Patios, more specifically paver patios, are naturally multi-colored so discoloration is less of a problem than with decks. Also, faded patios provide a more natural look, which is usually desired by a patio owner and leads to much less on-going maintenance than decks require. Patios will need less on-going treatment to prevent weathering and only need cleaning and/ or coating every four to five years or so. Decks may require more on-going maintenance services then patios, but they usually have a higher return on investment than patios.

Decks may require more repairs over its lifetime when compared to a patio, but decks provide more privacy than patios do. Decks are generally built above the ground, which allows for extra privacy from your neighbors. They also usually include a safety railing that helps to seclude the space from others. Patios are built at ground level with no railings or privacy walls, which can result in a less private outdoor living space but could be seen as more inviting to guests and neighbors.

Since decks are built above the ground, they do not need to rely on the foundation of the ground to support the structure. Decks are affected by dry or humid climates so if you live in these areas you may want to consider a patio. Patios are not affected by climate because even in very hot or cold conditions patios have a constant appearance. Patios are also built on the ground and are harder to protect from moisture or flooding.

With a new outdoor living area, you may consider adding features to enhance your space in the future. With decks, you may be limited to the addition of features because decks can handle few improvements once they are completed and installed. You may need to consider the fire hazards or water damages that could come with adding features to a deck. Patios have less hazard or safety concerns when considering added features like a hot tub or pool, seating, heating or cooling, outdoor kitchens, fire pits and more.

The Best Choice

There is no clear winner for every aspect of the comparison of a deck verses patio choice for your outdoor space. In summary, decks are best for resale value, landscape, climate and privacy. Patios are best for simple materials, low costs, weatherproofing, maintenance and adding additional features. If you are considering a patio installation, you should look to a professional paver patio installation company for the best results.

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