How to Keep Your Carpet Looking New Longer

If you’re a homeowner, you already know what a struggle it is to keep your carpet fresh in the face of stains, sun damage, and foot traffic. Carpets that are placed in high impact areas of the home tend to see a lot of action, and getting a carpet back into pristine shape isn’t always a matter of vacuuming away the mess. Luckily, there are a few tricks that can help your carpet to look newer for longer. If you’re serious about keeping your carpet looking fresh and fluffy, read on.

Vacuum Smart

Even if you’re extremely proactive about keeping your carpet clean and fresh, you might not be cleaning in the right way. A carpet’s fibers are very delicate and require a specific kind of care that isn’t too gentle or too harsh. Checking your vacuum’s settings every so often to make sure it’s not set too high or too low will help preserve your carpet by reducing damage. If the vacuum is set too high, it can end up missing out on a lot of the dirt and bacteria at the bottom. If set too low, it could be working too vigorously and doing serious damage to your rug’s base. If you’re confused about which setting to use, consult a professional like chem-dry commercial carpet cleaning services to learn which setting is best for your carpet.

Treat Stains Right

When a stain appears, don’t immediately start treating it with harsh, sticky chemicals. The trick is to go easy on stains, blotting with a gentle dish detergent and some baking soda to kill the odor. For thicker stains, remove as much as you can by hand before trying to treat it. If you over-treat a stain, it could end up leaving a sticky, unpleasant residue behind. It’s also important to only choose gentle, neutral cleaners to use on your carpet in case of a bad reaction. If you’re using a harsh or strongly scented cleaner, it could end up backfiring, leaving you with a different kind of hard-to-remove stain.

Do Damage Control

Preventative measures always go a long way when it comes to preserving your carpet’s health. If you’re dealing with a lot of family members or visitors, give them a head’s up about your carpet and try to keep rotating the carpet itself to keep certain areas from experiencing the same foot traffic every day. Insist on visitors not wearing shoes in the home, and make certain areas food- and drink-free. It might seem extreme, but your carpet will thank you.

Use a Professional Cleaner

Even if you do the best job you can do at home, there’s nothing like getting a professional cleaning done on your carpet at least once or twice every year. With state-of-the-art extraction methods, professionals can treat and freshen up your carpet easily and without any hassle to you. If you notice your carpet looking a bit tired and the worse for wear, don’t delay. Taking it in for a regularly scheduled cleaning will keep it looking younger for much longer.