Guidelines to Buy Classic and Suitable Curtains

Many of them believe that window treatments are required to manage incoming brightness and attain privacy. Actually, curtains hold a commanding position and needs to be considered just like you do when you go shopping for sofa, wall paints and more decorative pieces for the house.

Selecting the right kind of window treatment can completely transform every room. It can add colour and style because today you get to select varieties ranging from curtains & drapes to panels & valances. Therefore let go the boring thought that drapes are old-fashioned.Image result for Guidelines to Buy Classic and Suitable Curtains

Guidelines to get fresh and classic curtains


If a room has lots of neutral tones then add colours to window treatments. A long panel Kardinad (curtains) in deep rich shade will add depth and warmth. You can even select a bright hue that provides the space, an energetic vibrancy.

Go for long

Short curtains frame the window and seem like an artwork hung on the wall. On the other hand, long curtains make viewers extend their eyes and gain awareness about the room’s height.

To make your room look even bigger hang curtains above actual window. Allow the drapes to fall on the floor perfectly for that formal look. For traditional feel allow curtains (few inches long) to pool on the floor casually.

Pattern play

When your bedding or furniture has a solid colour then select a printed or patterned material. Pattern will not blend with the room décor and deliver the right enunciation without overpowering. You get an extensive range of patterns ranging from paisley and floral to colourful medallions and fresh stripes.

If you desire for a dramatic effect then choose bold and graphic print, which adds punctuation to the space. Use bold colours, funky patterns and fun fabrics to give the room a little edge and eclecticism.

Right feel

Fabric and texture choice is crucial, while choosing curtains and panels. Heavy velvet in rich colour delivers a different mood, when compared to lightweight linen in lively colours. Therefore, when you decide take texture and sheen into consideration besides colour and length.

Add light

Sheer or net curtains are made from translucent material. Adding layers allow necessary amount of brightness filter in the room as well as maintain privacy. Light and air does not get blocked at all with sheer solo curtains. It adds softness to the space.


Traditional option for width is outside and above window molding. For displaying a detailed window frame consider inside mount. On the other hand, hanging curtain rods beyond window frame will give it a big and grand feel. Since the curtains will hang against the wall instead of drooping over the glass, more light will fill the room.


Blackout curtains block light and are ideal for media rooms. Moreover, people with night jobs can get better sleep during the day with blackout curtains.

Energy saver

Thermal curtains help to maintain heat and cold. In summer, the hot air remains outside and in winter the cool air is not allowed inside. This allows reduction in the utility expense. Another advantage is that thermal curtains act as natural light and sound barrier.