Getting the Bathroom of Your Dreams on the Cheap

No dream home is complete without having a bathroom you love. And in some cases having a special bathroom is even more important that having any other room look great.

But remodeling can be expensive and with tight budgets these days, the average person is simply not in the position to spend thousands of dollars on remodeling the bathroom.

With this in mind, there are some things that you can do in the bathroom on the cheap that make it stand out. What is even better is that these are upgrades that either you can do on your own or hire a reputable handyman to do inexpensively.

Here is a list of some of those things.

New Paint

Perhaps the biggest impact you can make to a bathroom is new paint.  Paint is often the least though about redecorating element, but its true impact cannot be overstated. In the bathroom, you can incorporate virtually any color depending on what mood you want to set. You should also be mindful that different colors will also have a bearing on the how large or small the room looks though. Lighter colors will make small bathrooms look larger, while darker colors will make it cozier. You can contrast light and dark colors to create a feeling of depth in the room. If there are cabinets in your bathroom you can paint them also, for an additional effect.


To set the mood and tone of your new bathroom, you need to focus on putting in some premium lighting. There is actually specific lighting for each area of the bathroom. You should look to use task, accent, decorative and sparkle lighting to set the right moods. Above the sink where the mirror is placed should have task lighting. It is best to place scones on each side of the mirror so you can clearly see your face when washing it, applying make-up, shaving and brushing your teeth.  Task lighting aims to remove any dark areas and shadows so you get a clear view of everything you want to see. Accent lighting can be used if you want to highlight a picture or other piece of art in the bathroom. These lights shine a bright light that can be aimed. Accent and sparkle lighting create mood effects by interplaying with other lighting and shadows in the room. You can play around with this type of lighting to determine the best effect. The overall lighting in the room should be soft and inviting particularly if you intend to spend lots of time there in the bath.

ReplaceFaucets and Showerheads

If you have not been to the home furnishings stores lately, you may not be aware at home many new designs for faucets and showerheads thee are. Let me tell you that there are dozens that are both stylish and functional. These accessories add flair to a bathroom and make things feel new. Here you can also experiment with different styles from modern to classic to see which strikes tickles fancy. The best part is that they are easy to install and any reputable handyman can get the job done in a short time.

Do some planning and have fun with it. When you are done you will have a new bathroom on the cheap.