Dwyer Custom Painting Are Excellent for Both Interior and Exterior of Your Home

When re-painting the interiors of a home, Dwyer can meet your wants or needs to perfection. They not only guarantee the clients total, even coverage on ceilings and walls; but most of all they want to reflect the uniqueness of your vision for every room. It doesn’t matter if you are going for the bold and wild look for the family recreation room or a more nuanced, and warm look for a study or den.

Dwyer custom painting is very proud of their ability to achieving smooth and silky wood work which is a result of the exceptional prep work together with the finished coat application.

Exterior Painting

Dwyer Custom Painting believes that with exterior painting it must not only durable but also be beautiful. They are dedicated to carefully applying the right exterior paints that meet the needs of the house while being careful around your landscaping and yard. Nothing is worse than having bright red paint on your yard and flower beds.

Prepare for the paint

Their approach to painting of the exterior begins with a total analysis of what approach to use when painting of what is needed to prepare your house to receive paint, taking note of any unseen rotting wood or other problems that can be hidden. They will go over everything that might be a problem. Any problems will be discussed with how to handle problem areas and suggest remedies if there is an ongoing problem. Normally, the remedy is that prep work that they are quite famous for.

Interior painting vs. exterior painting

Interior painting is mainly cosmetic, but the exterior painting serves a dual purpose. It must be appealing to the eye, the prep work, including precise caulking, sanding and priming is intended to create a barrier against the elements. This is important because the exterior finished product needs to last for years and they assure their clients of the investment in their home will pay off by it lasting beauty.