Broadfork as a working mean to tune up your garden

Spring is a high time for garden works of all complexity levels. As one knowsmajor part of these works is connected with activities like digging and soil aerating; those are often posed as a preliminary stage of the further vegetables planting.In what refers to softening land, for lots of gardeners shovel remains the only instrument to handle the above mentioned tasks. Surely, in some good deal of situations it is a kind of irreplaceable tool. However, what if you are forced to work on your piece of land alone or, perhaps, your age wouldn’t simply allow you to be as fast as some fifteen-twenty years back? For you there’s a great solution. U bar garden broadfork is just the thing to bring maximum comfort to your farmsteadactivities.

Easy in use and durable tool

First of all, it should be stressed that an instrument like broadfork is specially designed to ease the tension on your back muscles. Remember how you used to lift a shovel in the air with the soil on it and repeat this sort of action hundreds of times in a row? Of course, you do since it’s the very principle of work with that category of instrument. With the broadforks by your side it’s just different: you step on the tool’s frame with your both feet and start moving the handles with your arms back and forth. After that you simply step back and pull a broadfork to lift the soil. No need to raise or overturn the thing; 12-inch tines will loosen the land perfectly, leaving no slightest clods. From now on, forget about pain in your back and fast approaching fatigue during the garden works. This useful tool will bring you a long anticipated rest.

Models you might find suitable


What makes this model so popular is that it comes with adjustable tines allowing you to set the most suitable pitch to do the weeding and roots extraction more efficiently. The unique construction makes it possible to work up to four times faster compared to other type tools. Also, the heavy-duty frame is assigned to take any pressure your hands can create. For beginner gardeners there’s simply no better.


Most of reviews state this tool is just perfect for arable kinds of work. People preferring to grow vegetables might find the instrument rather convenient and appropriate for practically any soil type. Quite many owners admit this broadfork makes the root systems thoroughly extracted and lay on surface. Its steel tines leave the weeds no quarter to grow and spread around your kitchen garden.


Whenever you need to take out plants without damaging the root system this fork will just come in handy. The tool is applicable for all kinds of works like digging, aerating, weeding and land loosening and suits well all the types of soil. All in all, its lightweight construction, in addition to sturdy frame, makes the instrument a right hand of every experienced farmer.