Beautiful Backsplashes: Using Online Tools to Find the Right Design

Backsplash tile is a popular feature in bathrooms and kitchens because it works to protect walls against splashes from cooking, washing, and other activities, and there are two great virtual tools available to help designers decide which type of backsplash will look best in their homes.

Although backsplash tile has a practical use in guarding against spills and stains from food, personal hygiene products and other splashes, they can also provide a wonderful design finish in either the kitchen or bathroom by creating a complement to gorgeous countertops and floors. The two tools are free and help homeowners to weigh up their options without spending a single penny.

Virtual Kitchen Designer

For the kitchens, use the Virtual Kitchen Designer tool that lets people see what different materials, colors, and sizes of tile will look best when paired together. The tool is a website that features a selection of images of several different types of kitchens, including a room with dark wooden cabinets and an overall elegant look; a more rustic style of kitchen; and a bright and airy kitchen with light-colored fixtures and fittings.

All it takes is a single click of the mouse to select from more than 110 different types of backsplash tiles in browns, whites, grays, blues, reds, and other colors and with material ranging from porcelain to marble and everything in-between. Once a style is chosen, the website will update the image of the kitchen to show what it would look like using that particular backsplash.

Even better, the Virtual Kitchen Designer tool is so flexible that users can select from different color countertops, cabinet colors and floor colors to get the overall look of the virtual room as close to the real kitchen as possible, making it a great way to size up backsplashes before buying them.

Bathroom Visualizer

Similarly, the Bathroom Visualizer tool is another great online tool that helps you visualize what a backsplash will look like, without having to first buy and install the backsplash tiles.

The visualizer works much the same way as the Virtual Kitchen Designer tool does, by providing two images of part of a bathroom with the shower, cabinets and a mirror. Then with a few simple clicks, the user can choose their preferred color and style for the floors, cabinets, wall, and mosaic. In the bathrooms, backsplashes are often designed as mosaics and they can be done in a wide range of possible styles.

This tool is simple to use and lets homeowners experiment with all kinds of options for their bathroom backsplash, from subtle and elegant designs to potentially outlandish mixtures of colors and patterns – and because it’s all virtual there’s no fear about making an irreversible choice.

For homeowners struggling to figure out the right backsplash look for their bathroom or kitchen, the Bathroom Visualizer and the Virtual Kitchen might just be the missing piece of the puzzle because they’ll help show what all the options will look like before purchasing committing to a certain option! That should be a huge relief for designers who will be able to experiment to discover their perfect fit.