Among Many Carpet And Rugs Trend Moroccan Rugs Are Amazing

Choosing rugs for your home decor is a confusing task because you see various materials and variety of rugs and among them which will suit your place and budget is a challenging task. Moroccan rugs are especially popular because of their unique design and easy availability. Moroccan rugs are available in both traditional black and white colour as well as rainbow colours. First choose your area and then select a rug accordingly.

If you have a refined floor then Moroccan Rug are the best choice, if you are choosy and creative then you can do many experiments with Moroccan rug. These rugs are heavenly super soft because of soft wool and fur. You can make your home lavish with these beautiful Moroccan diamond plus variety. Those small left places of home which are difficult to decorate can be adorn with these stylish Moroccan rugs.

The best part of these rugs is that they are manufactured with different coloured yarn, which can easily blend with any colour floor texture. Ivory, grey, Brown ad charcoal are most favourite colours of customers. Mostly people choose those Moroccan rugs which are stylish and luxurious, yet those who are budget conscious can choose from traditional colours and design.

Why these yarn rugs are known as Moroccan rugs? Answer is these beautiful rugs are weaved in Morocco by trained weavers. If you see in Morocco this tradition of weaving passes from generation to next generation. As these people are highly creative their craftsmanship is incredible. There is a specific technique and way to weave these rugs. Today modern techniques and machines have taken place of hand weaving, yet hand woven rugs are still in demand and are costly than machine made rugs. These Moroccan rugs can suit to cover any space like you can cover upstairs, display on the wall and decorate flooring.

If you talk about trend there is a rapid change in interiors, manufacturing method may vary from place to place. Today every manufacturer of any city may manufacture any kind of rug, yet Moroccan rugs specially weaved by Moroccan weaver’s stands first. The best part of these rugs is that they are comparatively cheaper than any other kind of rugs available in the market.  When people shifts from their traditional homes to modern apartment, they usually change everything like furniture, electric appliances etc. Moroccan rugs are designed in such pattern they can match with both traditional and modern rooms.

Two things identify Moroccan rugs they are made of natural fibres and weaver have some specific traditional patterns of weaving. Other countries who are manufacturing Moroccan rugs are just imitations. Moroccan weaver’s uses no synthetic fibres, the distinctive look of traditional weaving are today reproduced by machines also, yet the originality of Moroccan trend can’t be copied. In Morocco Berber tribes are weaving such rugs by the wool that they find from Atlas mountain sheep only. Today they are crafting such rugs on other materials like nylon and olefin but all natural in fact. The originality of Moroccan rugs is defined because they use original wool or camel’s hair as exception, they use natural plant’s colour to dye the wool. In fact in whole process nothing is artificial, this is the originality of Moroccan rugs.