A Guide To Know About Roman Blinds For Farmhouse Interiors

A farmhouse is a refuge in a natural and serene environment. If you are a farmhouse owner it shows your love for nature and longing for peace.

Decorating a farmhouse is different from decorating your urban housing. You can enhance the natural beauty of your farmhouse by using Roman blinds as your window treatment solution.

What are Roman Blinds?

These are window blinds made of textile or bamboo with a special inbuilt manual, electrical or chain mechanism for ease of movement.

The Laskosverhot can be used mounted, as following

  • Inside the window opening
  • On the walls
  • To the ceiling

Need of Roman Blinds

Window coverings bring a soft polished look to the room or space they are used in. Roman blinds provide a classic, practical and trendy feel while providing privacy and protection from the sun. You can choose the Roman blind that suits your style from various types of Romans.Image result for A Guide To Know About Roman Blinds For Farmhouse Interiors


Unconstructed Flat or Flat fold Roman blinds

These are made of one large single piece of fabric and there are no seams when they are fully lowered. They take up less space when raised. They provide a sleek look for your farmhouse. The patterned fabric works best with these blinds since there are no seams or stitching to disturb the pattern.

Constructed Flat or Plain Fold Roman blinds

These are similar to Flat Fold Romans except that these have seams running every few inches. The seams provide durability to the blinds without any added bulk and give a modern, clean look to the blind.

These blinds are a great choice for bedrooms and living rooms where the blinds are frequently raised or lowered.

Relaxed or Soft or Hobbled Fold Romans or London blinds

These are stylish but casual unconstructed blinds that give a gentle curve on being raised.

These have loops of fabric, so they give a soft ruffle or waterfall-like look, whether raised or lowered. These are ideal for you if you want more heft and bulk.

These blinds also block more heat and light. They look great on spaces less than 54 inches wide. Larger space needs two poufs.

Balloon Roman blinds

These are similar to Relaxed Romans with inverted box pleats at the top with soft scalloping at the bottom. They best compliment the traditional decor with their highly stylish looks.

Butterfly Roman blinds

These are similar to Balloon Romans with small winged offshoots at the bottom.

Tucked/Pleated Roman blinds

These blinds are inspired from Asia. These give a calming effect and are ideal for a serene look.

Austrian Roman blinds

These Austrian style blinds are the most formal and traditional of all Romans. This style looks striking, when luxurious fabrics are used. These blinds require double the fabric than any other blind. These are used mostly in formal dining and living rooms.

You can choose any of the above styles to match your personal design to enhance the look of your farmhouse. For expert assistance, you can contact Avaeksperdid – Kaihtimet ja Verhot. They have professionals with decades of experience to help you implement your favourite design.

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