A Gorgeous Garden That You Can’t Turn Away From Is Going To Be Yours with Our Help

Who doesn’t want a garden that looks mesmerising? But, to hire a designer for your backyard is not something everyone can afford. That is why we will share our expert ideas that you can use to re-do your garden into something that is breath-taking.

Tables that can do the trick

You need a small, round table that will give some texture to your garden. The brighter the colour of the table the better. Place a plant in a small terracotta pot on top of the table. A wicker chair beside the small table will be perfect for you to sit on to enjoy your morning, evenings and night. Place two colourful cushions with exciting designs on the chair.

The touch of fragrance

Plant trees that can fill every inch of your backyard with fragrance. Orange trees, hydrangeas, jasmines, lilies and anything else that you like.

Don’t forget the lights

Gardens can be the most romantic place to have a meal with your beloved. Apart from the natural light of the Moon and the stars make sure the garden is well lit. Hang lanterns that resemble street lights from the boughs. Go ahead and place some fairy lights, too.

Bring your favourites to focus

When you have a few plants that you would like to highlight then don’t plant them in the soil. Instead, have a table that has a rustic and authentic touch to it. Place aeoniums, senecios, echeverias and agaves.

Your patio

Bring life to your garden by adding your touch of creativity and imagination to it. This can be done when you use bricks to surround the patio. When you do this, space gets more defined and stands out.

Take care of the walls

Don’t ignore the walls that separate your Interiors from the backyard more so if your garden-furniture is right up against it. Add texture, colour and a whole lot of decoration to make it prettier and eye-catching. You can hang different objects to add beauty and style to the outdoors.


You can add intriguing sculptures to your garden. Choose a sculpture of tortoise that sits on top of rocks or something similar to this. If this piece has water in the centre, it will be even more charming. You can place fairy lights on it. This will make this gorgeous sculpture even more beautiful.

Add charm to your garden with tools used for gardening

Fasten together tools that are worn-out and aren’t used anymore. Create a teepee to help creepers climb up. This adds a unique charm to your garden instantly.

Mirror, mirror in the garden

Create an illusion by doubling the space of your garden. Hang a framed mirror amidst the trees on a fence. It will add depth and give a rustic look to the backyard as well.

Bring old benches to life

Use an old and rusty bench by painting it first. You can add a shelf over the bench and add some flowering plants to it. This would be the best place to keep plants in containers.

Pay attention to your fence

The entrance to your garden must be dealt with carefully. Plant creepers and vines to cover it up. The touch of green to the fence will make it look like a masterpiece. Add charm to the path by placing some terracotta pots on the sideways.

Go vertical

Yes, everything is on the ground or pedestals in your garden, but you can do something different by placing pots in a vertical manner on the wooden shelf (that you custom made). Adds privacy and texture at the same time.

What’s the ceiling for?

Don’t have a vast garden area to decorate it the way you want? Use the ceiling of your porch. Place plants that hang from the ceiling to add the touch of greenery. Get more savings and discounts by using Voucherbucket. You will fall in love with the deals, offers and sales that they have all year round.

Learn the tricks of matching

Turn your garden into a land where greenery flourish. Edible and alluring herbs can be planted together to create a magnificent look. You can even use different kinds of container apart from terracotta to place plants in them.

Cherish your backyard. No matter how small or big it is. The way you design it says a lot about your creativity and personality. So, take up the chance and make sure you turn around the look of your garden.